Concierge Services: The rebirth of customer service

Concierge Services: The rebirth of customer service


How will technology impact human customer service?

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline customer service is hot topic in the BPO world, with many organizations seriously studying the threat to the industry's very foundations. But on the brighter side, the challenge of the AI-driven customer experience is an opportunity to reinvent how we traditionally approach customer interaction.

With the power of mobile technology highlighting the importance of delivering superb resolution right now, visionary businesses have come up with platforms to marry the convenience of a slick interface with the best of customer service: a concierge approach to delivering the customer experience.

The concierge approach is not just for hotels anymore: it's personal assistance on demand for anything from bespoke luxury holidays, guru-type advice on air travel bookings, or the more mundane things that just make life easier. Think: skipping the queues to book that Michelin restaurant in New York, securing the best sunset balloon ride in Cappadocia for your wedding proposal, or simply making that parking ticket go away as you enjoy your weekend.

Eastvantage is making its mark in the Concierge Services space.

With small beginnings servicing time-pressed entrepreneurs in Melbourne with highly-skilled Virtual Assistants, we now have over 200 associates working for clients in the SMS-based personal assistance, first-class air travel, and bespoke holiday packages industries—all with an emphasis on white-glove service delivered to our clients' customers.

Client requirements, as are individual customer needs, are nuanced—highlighting the necessity for a keen understanding of the workforce personality needed for a particular market. The wealth of soft skills that Filipino human resources possesses—empathy, reliability, problem-solving skills, creativity—works to Eastvantage's advantage in matching the right talent to unique client needs.

If our continued success in Concierge Services is any indication, human-driven customer service will very much retain tightly woven in the fabric of the Philippine outsourcing industry, whatever challenges technology throws at it.


This post has been published on Issue No.2 of Breakthroughs, The Business Journal of the IT-BPM Industry. You can also download the PDF version here.
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