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PH economy to become investment-driven and inclusive
April 07, 2017

PH to become investment-driven and inclusive

Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez invites foreign investors to take a closer look at “rewriting of the...
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PH good for investment for next 6 months, says MISI
March 17, 2017

MISI: Next 6 months in PH good for investment

Despite higher US interest rates, flatter yield curves, and a gradual rise in inflation may present as...
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HSBC predicts 6.5% GDP growth
February 08, 2017

6.5% GDP growth for PH says HSBC

HSBS raises the country's GDP growth forecast from 6.3 percent to 6.5 percent.
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Employees prefer companies with CSR work
February 01, 2017

Employees prefer companies with CSR work

Majority of employees prefer working for companies who push for CSR initiatives, according to workplace...
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DOT implements 6-year plan
January 19, 2017

DOT Launches NTDP in Q1

The National Tourism Development Plan is to be launched early 2017.
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Asia's real-estate rental services lowest in PH
January 12, 2017

PH offers lowest real-estate rental services

According to CEO Jose Soberano of Cebu Lancasters, the PH BPO industry is still doing good.
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 ‘Gov’t supports Roadmap 2022’ says PEZA
January 12, 2017

Gov’t Pushes IT-BPM Roadmap 2022

The Philippine government assures that they will support IT-BPM 2022.
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December 15, 2016

IBPAP Heads PH Incentive System Update

IBPAP board trustee said the updated fiscal and non-fiscal incentives would be the country’s edge...
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BPOs may benefit from PHN-CHN ties
December 08, 2016

PHN-CHN ties may help BPOs

China has a good record of investing in infrastructure and it's exactly what the economy needs to...
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DICT: IT-BPO revenues to expand in 2022
December 02, 2016

IT-BPO’s revenues expand in 2022, says DICT

At Malacanang, DICT presented the "Roadmap 2022" which shows a projected $38.9 billion BPO...
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