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Relying on your assistant or your IT guy who can speak decent English simply won't do the trick anymore. When you’ve got customers, you need outstanding customer support services.

Responding to customer care needs is a singular, focused task that requires the attention of experienced and trained customer care specialists. It's time to pass the torch to the right people who are best fit for the job. Excellent customer service represents your company's voice.

You need a call center outsourcing partner that will reflect what your company stands for and we have the customer service solutions for you.

Eastvantage understands that you need your customer service team to be an extension of your company and an advocate of your brand. Each time a customer gets in touch with your customer service team, they are communicating directly with your company. We take on our role as your outsourced service provider very seriously: choosing, hiring and training only the best personalities to fit your company culture, only those who can speak the same voice and share the same values. We operate at high standards—from the provision of AAA-category facilities to employee welfare (lowering attrition rates).

Our tailor-fit outsourced customer service solution allows for a customized experience for our clients.

This customization in turn translates to every single customer service transaction where your team is fully aligned and clear on your processes and brand goals.

We feature a fully-capable customer Philippines service team, operating 24/7 with sophisticated technology support. Our teams can perform the following services for B2B and B2C businesses:

  • Call center outsourcing capability for Sales Support, Customer Support, and Technical Support
  • Email Support
  • Online Chat Support

Contact us to learn more and for an obligation-free consultation on your customer care service requirements.

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