Virtual Assistants

Would you like more hours in your day to work on higher-value business activities?

We all know it, the key to growing a business is through focus and increased productivity. But at the end of the day, there never seems to be enough time left to do everything. Scheduling appointments or appointment setting, research for upcoming presentations, managing social media all takes time. The answer to this problem is easier than you think: hire virtual assistant in the Philippines!

What is your time worth?

Even if you do take action in finding some administration support, there comes the added headaches of recruiting, training, purchasing additional equipment --- the list goes on!

What if there was a simpler way?

A way that gives you all of the benefits of administration support without any of the headaches...Welcome to the world of virtual assistants! You may have tried outsourcing virtual assistant services in the past, but often when someone has tried a VA before, they have some common complaints such as:

  • They take too much time to train
  • They don't have all of the systems I need them to have
  • Communication is challenging
  • I found a great VA but then they 'disappeared'

At Eastvantage, we have listened and found the solution.

All of our virtual assistants work from a 24/7 modern, professional office right in the heart of the premier business district in Manila. They are highly trained and dedicated team members recruited not just for their professional acumen but also for cultural fit, team attitude, and a proactive work ethic. We ensure to help you hire virtual assistants that are competent to address your needs.

How do we recruit the best VA for you?

The onsite recruitment team employ a stringent hiring process seeking the best graduates from leading Philippine universities and putting candidates through rigorous skills and behaviour profiling before an offer of employment is made.

Successful candidates are then fully inducted with all hardware, software and connectivity requirements to enable them to work efficiently and effectively for you without you having to make any costly capital investment. They are also assured in terms of their virtual assistant salary. One thing's for sure: when you hire virtual assistants in the Philippines, you're guaranteed to get your money's worth.

To ensure a conducive and productive working environment, all of our virtual assistants are then further trained in the latest communication and business collaboration tools to make remote project management simple.

Take advantage of securing your very own virtual assistants in the Philippines to support in any or all of these key areas in your business:

  1. Email management
  2. Calendar management
  3. Task management
  4. Research
  5. Social media
  6. Presentations
  7. Sales management
  8. Content management

To learn more about our virtual assistant hourly rate, contact us today and get hours back in your day!

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