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Any and every industry should evaluate outsourcing opportunities for the flexibility and margin enhancement they provide. Building an offshore team will greatly benefit your business especially in the following areas of development:

  • Logistics

  • Software and Application Development

  • Web Development

  • Creative

  • Medical

  • Legal

Have you decided which type of support service your business needs? Then, get in touch with us and let us give you a helping hand in achieving your goals.

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The process of outsourcing doesn’t have to be complicated. Eastvantage makes it efficiently simple and practical for you. First, we listen to you and discuss your needs. And then, together we find the best way to achieve your goals. There are several ways in which we can build a successful partnership.

Project Outsourcing

Project Outsourcing

You have clearly defined deliverables for which you need some resources. You want to hire a talent or a team to manage your project and deliver your requirements within a set timeframe.

We will assign talented professionals to produce your required deliverables and accomplish your project on time. We will make sure they have the adequate project management, agile tools and resources they need for the completion of your project.

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Staff Leasing


You want to expand your team in a flexible and simple way. You consider an offshore team that will serve as an extension of your existing departments. You need full-time employees who will work for you exclusively from a well-equipped office with excellent network connectivity. You can either build an entire new department, or create a dedicated team bringing additional skills to your business.

We will take care of the recruitment and screening of candidates, and you get to handpick the members of your team based on our recommendations. We will provide your offshore team with work space, equipment and other facilities. We will manage your offshore staff and integrate them smoothly into your business structure.

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Managed Services


You have your processes and structure well established and want to get help on some of your non-core activities. You would like to explore the extent of customized offshore operations. And you prefer to let us handle the management of those offshore teams based on your briefing and quality KPIs.

We will staff a team of qualified professionals for you and host your offshore operations. We will supervise, train and coach your offshore associates, and let them operate under your our own supervisors that will provide the right guidance to your team. Learn more about our managed outsourcing solution.

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You’re looking to set up your business in the fastest growing market in Southeast Asia. You need local expertise to better address the operational, legal and financial risks involved. You want a fully transferable team that will take care of your local operations. Your end goal is to eventually take full ownership and control of the offshore operations.

We will build your offshore extension and set up a team of qualified professionals to manage your operations. After an agreed period of time, we can transfer the entire operation to your company.

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Tailor-made Options

Any specific requests? Let us know what you need. We are always glad to help.

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Eastvantage offers custom outsourcing services in the areas of Business Support, Technology and e-Marketing, allowing small to medium-sized businesses to grow their outsourced models in a stable and scalable way.

Our outsourcing services work under the “customer intimacy” model, wherein we place a specific emphasis on understanding your business through a partnership based on collaboration. We listen closely to your ideas and take them on board when developing a business solutions framework.

Eastvantage can help you in multiple areas, but we understand that there’s no cookie cutter solution when it comes to growing a business. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

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