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Outsourcing Business Management to the Philippines

Business Service Management, more commonly known as back-office, is the beating heart of an organisation. Back-office work is rarely seen but hugely felt if it misses a beat. It’s a function that is rarely seen but is integral to customer satisfaction and company growth. 

Administrative functions are internal functions that are largely procedural and can benefit from being supported by an offshore back-office service provider. If you’re looking to outsource to the Philippines, Eastvantage is here for you.

Providing Excellent Support to Critical Back-Office Functions

Eastvantage provides back-office outsourcing solutions that will support your company's day-to-day administration. We have flexible delivery models for you to choose from so that we can create the best business management solution based on your requirements including:

We have almost a decade of experience and expertise in employing and managing teams for SMEs and large organisations in the areas of:

Dedicated Teams and Smooth Transitions

We build dedicated teams for our clients and carefully guide the transition from onshore to offshore back-office. For the past decade, we have consistently delivered A+ service to clients allowing them to concentrate on core business functions.

Get In Touch and We’ll Make it Work for You

This is only one of the business fields to outsource under our areas of expertise. Whether you're looking at filling gaps through administrative outsourcing, HR outsourcing, IT outsourcing, or Recruitment outsourcing, we got you covered. Get in touch with us to have a discussion about how our Business Service Management Outsourcing model can work for you. Scroll down and fill out the form for your inquiries, or check out our portfolio for more success stories.