10 Easy Tips for Your Job Interview

10 Job Interview Tips

Are you currently job searching? With a lot of competition, you can't risk flubbing your job interview. If you're intent on getting a job ASAP, here are quick and easy job interview tips to remember when you get the call you've been waiting for.

Get confirmation

Don't wait for your interviewer to update you about the details. Texting them first, for example, would give them the idea that you're interested and determined to get the job. Always ask for specific details such as the time, date and directions for clarification purposes. If they gave it to you over the phone, be sure to ask them to send you the details through text or email.

Write a modified cover letter

When you don't have a specific job in mind, you're probably applying in several companies all at the same time. If, however, you want to increase your chances of getting hired, it's best to customize the CV for the position you want to get more than the others. Highlight the skills and job experience that is most related to your desired position.


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Print out copies of your CV

When you have the soft copy of your CV or resume, it's also important to have several print-outs ready. More often than not, interviewers ask for a copy (even if they have one), so you better be ready to whip up one when they need it.

Ready your attire

Though you don't necessarily have to "dress to impress", you should dress for the job you want! Don't show up in messy clothes and sneakers. Wear something business smart or semi-formal. Showing you put the effort in your appearance gives bonus points to the interviewer because it means you actually care about what they think.

Google the location in advance

If you haven't been to the interview place before, don't risk it and rely on the Uber driver to get you there. Relying on your phone's data plan to help you Google it while you're on the way is also a bad idea -- you never know when you might lose your signal, after all. Take note of all the landmarks and street names.

Research about the company

Big companies, especially, like to ask if you know any of their products or services. Even if it's a small company, it's points for you if you tell them how familiar you are with their company. Your knowledge of their enterprise will demonstrate how interested you are because you took the time to actually do your research.

Review your CV

You're almost ready! The next step is to memorize what's in your resume. This is so you wouldn't have to look like you're second-guessing yourself during the interview. For instance, you'd want to know exactly how many years or months you've rendered for a company. Make sure you know how to pronounce all the names, positions, and software in your own resume.


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Practice introducing yourself

Don't be caught off-guard with the inevitable "Tell me something about yourself" question. Keep your answer positive and on point. Be confident. Make it a bit personal so that you will feel at ease telling your interviewer about yourself. Connect it to your applied position by stating a personal passion or experience that led to your interest in the job position.

Prepare an anecdote (Problem Action Result)

Think of the time where you encountered a work or school project (or problem), what you did to solve it and what you learned from it. With this, your interviewer will be able to see how you were able to handle stress, gauge your decision-making skills, and whether you'll be able to relay a story in a coherent manner.


Want to start the interview in a light and positive mood? That's all possible with a smile! Put yourself and your interviewer at ease with the right countenance. Showing how you're relaxed and in a good mood will show your confidence in the interview. Finally, arrive on your interview on time! Leave your house early. With the traffic situation in the country, it's better to be safe than sorry. With these tips, you're more than ready for your face-to-face interview. Get hired sooner by acing your interview! Good luck!

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