5 Services That You Can Actually Outsource

5 Services That You Can Actually Outsource

BPO company. Call Center. The world currently revolves around the common misconception that BPO companies solely function as call centers. But right now, let us break that belief. Let us turn it upside down and introduce to a more complex BPO industry you are not familiar with. So, abandon your knowledge that BPO companies are only call centers who address clients' questions from the other side of the world. It is not. Explore how much this industry is far from what you know!

Digital Marketing

One of the greatest products of outsourcing services is digital marketing. Imagine having your own marketing team without worrying on how to train them or provide an office space for their meetings or brainstorming sessions? Well, do not settle for making it just an imagination because you can really have one. You can establish your online presence while saving a lot of money and time, which benefits your business indefinitely. You will enjoy having your social media specialists, content writers, SEO specialists, graphic and layout artists, and even your video editors for your monthly review. To put it in simple terms, outsourcing has got you covered. The best part is your outsourced team would build your presence in the digital world aligned with your business' core values.

Web Development

Hiring your own team to create your web and mobile applications would be such a hassle. You need to post a job ad and wait for possible candidates. After that, you need to screen them and test whether they can program anything that your company needs. You still need to provide them space in your office and of course, include them in your payroll. You're not done yet. You have the obligation to help them improve their skills to maintain your company's edge. But you do not need to go through all of these if you outsource your web development team. An excellent group of people who can code your web and mobile apps, website designs, and any tools designed only for your business operations. You do not need to even worry if you hired programming experts since that would be the job of your partner BPO company.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Payrolls. Income tax preparations. Bookkeeping. Budget summary. Expenses. Annual financial reports. Just trying to remember all the business transactions that you need to track already gives you a headache. No matter how much you complain, you still cannot escape from these responsibilities. Despite your prayers to postpone doing them, you can't since, after all, you are in the business industry. Good news: the universe did not provide you an escape route but it gave you backdoor. This is where outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping services come in. You'll have your own qualified accountants to track and records your business operations. It's an easy access to your on-the-dot records.


One of the problems that businessmen usually face is making sure to create products without eating too much time and not losing its quality at the same time. Especially if your business' core functions are dependent on engineering, then how do you supposed to hit two birds with one stone? Simple answer: engineering outsourcing services. You could access the best engineers in town while making sure to sustain the standards you're currently observing. Your outsourced team would develop conceptual designs, IE designs, analysis and prototyping, and even aerospace products aligned with your business' values.


Who would have thought that even legal services can be outsourced? Well, you can and you must outsource it. If your business is looking for administrative support, litigation support, intellectual property, contracts, and even legal research, then this is the best option for you. It is beneficial on your end since you do not need to think about writing your own business contracts. You are free from nagging your recruiters to hire part-time legal workers for only a one year project. And when your business requires an immediate legal research about a product, it would feel as if your researchers are just in the next room waiting for your concerns.

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