Adapting to Change and Adopting Updated Technologies: Taking Advantage of Software Development

Sorfware Development

Planning for business continuity is one of the best steps that can be taken by a company to prepare for extraordinary circumstances, but it’s completely understandable that we can never be truly 100% prepared.

The recent coronavirus outbreak and its economic impact forced many businesses to see what they were lacking. Businesses finally had the time to identify which areas need more attention, which features are needed by the audience the most, and to realise what developments to implement moving forward. Most can now see what improvements are needed and the time to improve is now.

Now, more than ever is the time where people are glued to their mobile phones -- are your applications and websites mobile friendly? The times are changing and when this global situation has shifted, market and technological trends will shift as well. Be prepared, be ready and adopt new technologies as early as you can. 

Agile Methodology on Software Development 

Eastvantage is a software development powerhouse with an agile approach and in-depth knowledge in languages such as Python, PHP, SQL, MySQL, Java, HTML, CSS, C#, and tools such as Odoo, JIRA, Power BI. We also have a team of systems, networks, and end-user computing engineers.

We have optimum experience for working in an offshore model that delivers and exceeds agreed outcomes to clients. We combine the right associates, processes, and systems required to execute strategic growth plans. Managed by its founders, teamed up with a seasoned operations team and shared services, Eastvantage is able to provide the necessary support for clients and associates.

Pivot your product and develop that software update you are dreaming of

Many companies are contacting us now for our software development capabilities to help them pivot faster after the virus crisis will fade.

Contact us now for adding a developer team to your existing operations in less than 45 days.