Optimize your IT Help Desk with These 5 Tips

Optimize your IT Help Desk

IT help desk is one of the essential business functions of IT operations. It gives the customers and end-users a channel to get all the support and information that they need about the products and services of the company.

Having an efficiently operating IT help desk is something that every manager should ensure. This article lists down essential tips in optimizing your IT help desk process.

Build the perfect structure

Every process should have a solid structure to ensure its efficiency. In case of help desks, having multiple tiers or levels is one of the best ways to go. For example, you can have a self-service portal, followed by the next levels where you have technicians with ascending degrees of knowledge and skill. Depending on the complexity of the issue, it can be routed to the corresponding level and appropriate technician.


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Maintain an effective management process

After the structure has been built, the next thing to focus on should be how to manage the process. Tickets are usually addressed based on importance; tasks with prime concerns get the utmost priority while lower-priority tickets usually end up with high turnaround times.

Having a queue for all the tasks can be a great solution to ensure that all tickets will be addressed promptly, while the high priority requests can be assigned with proper load balancing among technicians. For tasks that are routinely done, automation is a great solution if applicable. If not, scheduling is still the best way to address it.

Keep track of KPIs

To help analyze your team performance, having Key Performance Indicators (KPI) targeted on your reports can help translate the performance properly for everyone to understand. This way, you can specifically target which areas need improvement and work on a solution accordingly. KPI’s can include the percentage and average time of ticket resolution, ticket backlog, and responses or resolutions that violated the service-level agreement.


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Have a self-service portal

The end-users usually encounter common simple issues that can be resolved themselves, which could take time off of the IT help desk team. A self-service portal can contain all the solutions and information about these common issues so that the users can solve the problems on their own.

Get firsthand feedback

Having surveys for the end-users is a great way to evaluate the performance of your help desk. Assessing important factors — like the responsiveness of the technicians, turn-around times, and the ease of the overall process — is the key to understanding how to make it better. You can conduct surveys annually, semi-annually, or whenever’s best for your business. 

Let the experts handle it

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