Stay Healthy with Immunity Boosters while Working from Home

Immunity Boosters Work From Home

Staying at and working from home may limit your exposure to viruses, but you can still use an extra boost of immunity! Having snacks and cooking at home are both great activities to spend during the quarantine period – and you can always get a great deal of nutrients to boost your immune system. When you go to your next supply run, go grab these food items to help your body fight viruses and prevent infections!

Citrus fruits

Vitamin C-rich fruits are the go-to food items to boost the body’s immunity. This vitamin can increase the white blood cell production – which are the body’s front liners in fighting infections! Give your neutrophils a boost while getting refreshed! Have some ice-cold fresh lemonade or orange juice. Papayas and kiwis are no citrus fruits – but are also great sources of vitamin C.


Yogurts have live and active cultures – the good bacteria that stimulates our immune system to fight diseases. The plain yogurt ones are the most effective and you should be careful to look into the sugar content when getting some.


Almonds and many other nuts are packed with healthy fats and Vitamin E which are also great for boosting our immune system.


We’re done with snack, let’s move on to the dishes. Chicken noodle soup and tinola are known to improve symptoms of a cold but they can also prevent you from getting one. Poultry such as chicken is rich in vitamin B-6 that helps in the production of our red blood cells.

Red bell peppers

Beta carotene is one of the resistance builders in our body and also keeps the skin and eyes healthy. Red bell pepper is a great source of beta carotene and is also packed with vitamin C. Load up on red bell peppers the next time you cook chicken afritada or chopsuey.


This wonder vegetable is packed with vitamins A, C, and E, fiber, and antioxidants. You can also make a variety of dishes out of it! Beef, prawn, pork, chicken, and its usual partner: the oyster sauce. But plain steamed broccoli is always a classic, and it keeps the nutrient locked in.


Garlic is known to help fight infections and to have other immune-boosting properties. Every cuisine has garlic, and the Filipinos love it. It’s on almost every dish that needs some stir frying, and in our ever favorite fried rice.


Ginger has a reputation to be a remedy of sorts to many kinds of illness. It is known to decrease nausea and inflammation. This may be why many of the comfort food we eat when we get sick are effective – like chiken tinola and sinampalukan. Other dishes that use ginger include pinakbet, ginisang munggo, and many more.


Spinach have the Vitamins A and C, as well as beta carotene that boost our immune system and make us stronger. Add a little twist to your next omelette or pasta dish and add make it healthier with spinach.


Speaking of healthy twists, there’s the turmeric. Usually used for curry recipes, you can add it on your adobo for something different. You can also make a mixed herbs rice with it. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties just like gingers.

There’s a lot of things you can do to stay healthy, efficient, and productive this community quarantine. For more work from home tips during the, visit Eastvantage insights.