The Strategic Edge of RPO over Traditional Recruitment

The Strategic Edge of RPO over Traditional Recruitment

When it comes to projects that are being outsourced, most people think around the fields of customer service, data entry processing, technical support, and tech projects. These are indeed the most common examples, but projects in Business Management shouldn’t be overlooked. Recruitment is one of the projects that any business can benefit from the most to outsource - mainly because of the unique advantages that Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has over traditional recruitment.


The bottom line will always be that the company will save on costs when outsourcing the recruitment process. We can consider this as the main reason why outsourcing to countries like the Philippines and India has become so successful. Outsourcing companies can cover everything the client needs at a much lower price compared to hiring in-house. 



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Data Gathering and Reporting

This is where strategic advantages come in. RPO’s are designed in a way that the process would continue even after the position has been filled. It gathers, analyzes, and reports information such as turnover rates and how long it takes to close a job position.

RPOs keep the entire recruitment process running smoothly whenever there’s a turnover or every time the company calls for new job positions to be filled.


RPO is not just about providing the right people that the clients look for. It’s a whole process model that adapts accordingly to the needs of the company. RPOs are commonly structured so that it can be scaled up and down without causing any problems in the recruitment process.



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Larger Talent Pool

Having a pool of job candidates is one of the most important elements of any recruitment team. Since RPOs are geared to solely focus on the recruitment process, they have all the resources needed in finding talent - and their talent pools can usually get larger than the traditional ones.

Expertise in the Field

The expertise of RPO’s can go beyond what people would normally expect. In terms of compliance, the client wouldn’t have to worry about labor laws and standards, RPOs will have them covered on the processes. There’s also the added benefit of having a physical office to go by walk-in or potential candidates; clients would not need to worry about advertising or booking a room with a stable internet connection just for a job interview. 

RPOs are always conveniently available whenever there’s a need for an outsourcing solution. If you are looking to outsource a business function, you’ll need experts to recruit your new offshore team. Eastvantage’s RPO solution can provide all your recruitment needs. Just give us a call or message us at