Strategic Outsourcing: Determine the Right BPO Company

Strategic Outsourcing: Determine the Right BPO Company

You're ready to expand. You're ready for outsourcing. But have you chosen the right business process outsourcing companies to partner with? Do have full confidence that your partnership with a certain company can bring you up there? Your chosen company can take you to or from success. It's important to consider the advantages of outsourcing to the right company.

Here are the compiled checklist for choosing the right BPO company.

1. Do they have excellent online presence?

One fascinating thing about the digital age is you can already assess what kind of people you're about to work with based on their online profiles. Before you partner with them, check their websites. Browse how they present themselves to their possible clients and applicants. Assess how they post thought-provoking (if there's any) engagements in their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Their online presence will give a brief background how they work in the industry.

2. Do they have good financial status?

When looking for a strategic outsourcing partner, remember that your objective isn't only to look for a team that can provide excellent services. Instead, you're also investing in a long term partnership. How can you do that if they face the probability of closing in the next 5 to 10. If possible, have a clear discussion about their financial history, investments, and other financial holdings. See for yourself if they help you beef up your business in the long run.

3. Do they have present good legal status?

Do not worry, you won't be reading piles of criminal cases. You just need to do your own research about how they handle lawsuits. Look for closed and ongoing lawsuits that they currently have. And assess for yourself if these cases convince you to partner with them. Another important factor is to determine how they handle lawsuits from past clients or employees and how it happened. In this way, you can see whether you'll suffer from lawsuits that should have been the problem of your partner BPO company. You can also test how they respond and recover from different company crises.

4. Do they have valid certifications?

Certifications and awards serve as your tangible basis that your soon-to-be partner BPO company can give excellent results. Keep in mind that organizations who provide certifications require companies to adapt and maintain certain standards. Having certification is already a giveaway that you can keep your peace of mind as long as you're working with certified BPO companies. Moreover, certifications and awards are also the validation that you're investing in a fully legal and functioning company. Beware of frauds!

5. Do they have good reviews?

The statistics that show how much your possible partner company is performing well are sufficient basis for hiring them. However, you should not be dependent on numbers alone. Learn to dig deeper and explore more of the possibilities you may face once you enter the partnership. Look for reviews on their websites or social media accounts about their clients' experiences. Ask around why their past employees or clients decided not to renew their contracts. Do not be hesitant to take positive and negative feedbacks. Just assess everything and decide whether they're worth the risk.

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