Tips on How to Be Productive in a Work From Home Setup - Follow this Effective Routine

Tips on How to Be Productive in a Work From Home Setup - Follow this Effective Routine

For many of us who have been used to working at the office, working from home during a community quarantine can be trickier than we expect - even in terms of being productive. The best way to overcome this challenge is to have a mindset that you have to be as productive as you were back at the office - and you can do it by not straying too much from your usual work routine. Here’s how!

Have a designated work area

Being in your work station in the office has always been part of your daily routine. Now that you’re working from home, it’s been replaced by your designated work area. Having a place at home where you can stay exclusively to work will help you feel in the zone and focus on the tasks that you have to finish while working. It’s a major key in staying productive. Check out this work from home ergonomics blog post to make sure your work area is comfortable and efficient!

Keep your morning routine preparing for work

Take a bath. Wear a fresh and comfy set of clothes. Have coffee and breakfast. Following your morning routine will help you tune in and prepare for the day. Working from home will also have it’s perks: you can wear as casual as you want if you don’t need to meet with important clients, you can have extra time preparing your coffee and breakfast, and still have the extra time before working.

Replace your usual travel time with something to help you feel better for the rest of the day

If you’d feel better with an extra hour of sleep, set your alarm an hour later. If you want home-cooked meals for the rest of the day, use this time to prepare them. If you want to spend the day working knowing that you’ve already done your workout, then do it in the time you were supposed to be commuting to work. And if you want to work knowing that everything is all set up and ready, use this extra time to organize and prepare for work.

Follow your usual schedule

Start your work the same time you usually do.This will keep you in sync with your workmates who you’ll probably still get to interact with online every day. It would also be in sync with the rhythm of your own routine. It’s familiar to your mind and body clock to be working at these hours where your brain is usually at its most active and primed for work.

Focus on the work

Do what you always do at work. Find your rhythm and stick with it. Making a daily or weekly to-do list before work can help you prepare for the work ahead. Creating a checklist of tasks and updating them as new tasks come along or gets finished is one of the best ways of keeping track of them. Submitting an end of day report will show your boss and clients that you haven’t been slacking at home, help improve your scorecard, and more importantly, gets you to reward yourself with a sense of accomplishment.

Make use of your regular scheduled breaks

One hour for lunch and another 30 minute break for later. That’s the usual break times that we have in the office. Take a pause. Have a meal. Make use of these breaks to recharge your mind and body.

Avoid distractions

Admittedly, we can’t avoid being distracted from work - especially so when working at home. Sometimes, a little bit of distraction can also help ease some tensions while working, but there are, however, some major distractions so tempting that should really be avoided at all costs. You’ve always worked without Netflix at the office, you can work at home without turning it on. You don’t need that kind of distraction while working - you’ve got plenty of time after!

Take routine short breaks

This does not mean that you should add more break times than you already have. Just don’t sit all day. When you’re working back at the office, you always stand up and walk a bit to refill your water tumblers, make another cup of coffee, and take bathroom breaks. You even have small interactions with the people you meet along the way.  Do it at home. Take these breaks and talk to your family, housemates, and pets.

Stay productive at home

Once your shift is over, you can still stay productive. Make use of your extra time to plan ahead on your work schedule for the next day, keep yourself updated on the latest news, make sure you’re well-stocked with essential items, and take care of household responsibilities that come with being at home all day.

Spend some quality time

If you’re lucky enough to be spending the self-isolation with your family, you know how to make the most of it throughout the day. For those who are spending it away from home, finishing your work on schedule on time gives you the time to prepare a meal, set a video call, and have dinner with them. Staying at home also leaves you plenty of time to catch-up with your shows, books, and video games. It’s what work-life balance is about during the community quarantine period.


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