ASEAN leaders to go to AU for special summit

Posted on Thu, 03/01/2018 - 17:27
AU to hold special summit for ASEAN

A first for Australia, a special summit will be held in Sydney this March specifically for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). 10 ASEAN leaders would be attending to discuss business and security ties with AU.

AU-ASEAN relations go back as far as 1974, as the country was ASEAN’s first Dialogue Partner then. The connection has strengthened over the decades. They have provided technical assistance for ASEAN’s Connectivity 2025. They have also contributed to the region’s boost in tourism; last 2015, 4.1 million Australians have visited ASEAN. 

Currently, ASEAN — being on the trade route in the Indo-Pacific area — makes 15% of AU’s trade. In turn, AU is considered to be one of ASEAN’s largest trading partners; the country is 6th largest source of Foreign Direct Investment for the region.

Australia must maintain an open and inclusive multilateral relationship with ASEAN. This will remain an imperative principle to maintain the country’s prosperity and security,” said Euan Graham, Director, International Security Program at the Lowy Institute.

No doubt stronger AU-ASEAN relations would contribute to the improvement and growth of BPO companies in the Philippines.