Eastvantage Starts 9th Year in Business

Posted on Tue, 10/23/2018 - 18:25
Eastvantage celebrates 9 years

It’s an exciting year of growth for Eastvantage as the company looks forward to starting its 9th year in business.

Last September 28, 2018, marked another milestone in Eastvantage’s journey in the business process outsourcing industry. From reaching 500 employees last year to having two active floor spaces in the Fort Legend Tower building. Not only are they expanding in terms of facilities, but internally as well. This year, Eastvantage closed won eight clients from different industries, increasing its global reach from its Philippine headquarters.

The event was celebrated by all employees in their newly renovated floor, marking one of the many future get-togethers to be done in-house because of the new usable space. They were also joined by a new Chief Operations Officer for better and smoother account management and other operational concerns. After a lively and productive year, Eastvantage looks forward to more years ahead.