New Telco Player to Boost PH Internet Speed

Posted on Fri, 02/23/2018 - 16:24
PH internet speed to increase because of New telco player

Great news for Filipinos and BPOs everywhere — we’re expecting increased internet speed because of a third telecommunications company.

The Philippines, albeit dependent on the Internet, is way behind its Southeast Asian neighbours in terms of 4G internet and speed. Despite the improvements conducted last 2017, the country still lags at 75th and 85th place over 88 countries in terms of 4G internet and speed respectively.

Although PH ranks low in the State of LTE report by Open Signal, it is nothing to fear for the people — especially BPO industries. It’s “business as usual” for these companies, seeing as how they slow internet mostly affects consumers — not the industry. They are still the ones who have access to fast and reliable internet. The only catch is that they have to pay more than the regular citizens.

Previous CIC president and current managing director of Performance 360 Global Services Incl. Michael Cubos said, “Given the current direction of the government in terms of infrastructure, introduction of a new telco player, common tower plan, and advancement of technology, it is going to be better for sure.”

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is targeting for the new telco player to be active coming May this year. China and India have showed interest in bidding for the 3rd telco slot in the country. One of the requirements is to have a net worth of at 10B pesos.

Other internet improvements to look forward to is the Luzon Bypass Project, which aims to build high-speed internet infrastructure in two landing stations. This project, which costs P1 billion, will supposedly bring in 2 million Mbps of internet in the country.