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"Eastvantage has excellent services. It has the structure and the right people to scale according to your business needs. They are not only a great outsourcing operations, I actually consider them as my colleagues more than business partners because of how closely we work together. They have a team of energetic and experienced top management who I felt very comfortable to rely a part of the operations with. I highly recommend Eastvantage to anyone looking to take advantage of the Asia market."


Leason Chan

VP For Operations, Hextronik Ltd. (




The Requirement / The Challenge is the world's largest online hobby retailer, and is a client that has grown vertically with Eastvantage. We provide with end-to-end customer support, handling email enquiries related to product support, relationship management, billing and refunds, and shipping updates. 

The Solution

Our 24/7 Email Customer Support operations have the following in place:

  • Dedicated recruitment and continuous pooling of candidates 
  • Assigned Team Leaders 
  • Assigned Training Team and Product Specialists
  • Clearly defined KPIs and standard reporting formats
  • Dedicated Account Director


Company Name

24/7 Customer Support for Email