travel and aeronautics

Our client offers deeply discounted business-class and first-class flights for clients, leveraging on industry insider knowledge. A team of flight engineers, ticketing specialists, and travel sales reresentatives comprise a dynamic team that makes complicated queries and bookings happen seamlessly. 

The Requirement / The Challenge

The client has strategically decided to bring the operations targeting the Australian market to the Philippines, given the high employment costs in the US in addition to limited workers wanting to take on the night shift. They are hoping to leverage on the minimal time difference between AU and the Philippines, workforce aptitude in English, and abundance of experienced airline support talents in Manila to support its operations. 

Complex search and ticketing procedures mean that they are looking for specific individuals: experienced and highly trainable for flight engineers, while ticketing specialists need specific behavioural and problem-solving skills. The challenge was to form a full team in a short period of time, to launch training at the same time, and to be able to upgrade systems and processes to match that of the US team. 

The Solution

Our recruitment team sourced for experienced customer support specialists and travel reservaton specialists coming from multiple offshore accounts such as United Airlines, Expedia, Delta Airlines and more. These agents were stringently screened for client interview for technical knowledge and personality profiling. Strict alignment on job description was also observed to ensure efficiency of use of the client's time when it comes to final screening. 

Once onboarded, Eastvantage tailor-fit the setup of communication lines to match that of their head operations for a seamless transition. 

Company Name
A US-based flight booking engine

Flight and Ticketing Support for a Premium Flight Booking Platform