Knowledge base creation for team efficiency

The Project

One of our clients, who has been with us for a couple of years now, recently grew their business by expanding their product line. From individual products, they launched a whole new line that connects all of the products together, the world of IOT. They now have an enterprise that is accessible via mobile that is more efficient for customers. 

The Challenge

The whole customer support team of the client is within Eastvantage. The team should be able to quickly learn the new product to be able to respond to any customer query. Error rates and CSAT metrics should be maintained even with the new product launch. Since the product is in Oslo, Norway, the team only had manuals and instructions to learn from while waiting for the sample product to arrive. 

The Solutions

With the product line launch and increasing inquiries, our customer support team created their own knowledge base that would be a reference for all team members. They gathered information from both the product manuals and customer queries. From handling individual product queries, the team easily managed to handle the whole enterprise queries with the knowledge base that they created.

It is instilled in Eastvantage teams to gather data and turn them into useful measures that would improve performance and efficiency.

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Knowledge base creation for team efficiency