Eastvantage established key performance indicators for new client that has limited knowledge in CRM.

The Project

The goal of this client is to bring women products that make their lives simpler and easier. They started the project in their headquarters in Australia, making innovative and scientifically-proven patented clothing. After a few years of establishing their processes and their brand name, they expanded to different geographies -- to the US and

The Requirement / The Challenge

The client has an innovative product, and they are ready to share it with the world. However, they have no experience in handling customer service so they went to the Philippines, known as the experts for providing customer support, to establish their own CSR team. Being new to outsourcing, they encountered difficulties with their former vendor, and that's when they approached Eastvantage.

The Solution

Eastvantage was able to source experienced customer service representatives for the client. Given that the client has limited knowledge in CRM, Eastvantage along with the pioneer team of experts established key performance indicators for them. The team set their own matrix, created their dashboards that can be checked by the client for real-time productivity tracking, and started stocking up on knowledge bases that can be passed on to new team members. Eastvantage took care of this division and the client was able to focus on expanding their business to different geographies. As they grew and launched to the US and Europe, the Manila team also grew and we are proud to be an instrument to the company's growth.

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