Strengthening e-commerce in line with client's business expansion

The Project

One of our clients is a leading provider of attractive trade show displays. Banner stands, pop up displays or stretch graphic display -- you name it, they have it. Founded in 2006 with the desire to provide quality products at competitive prices with the fastest delivery times in the industry. They exist to connect people by providing event solutions that create conversations and lasting impressions.

The Requirement / The Challenge

They are expanding their business and would like to strengthen their e-commerce. This is in line with their vision of showcasing their products and services better and gaining more consumers. Their e-commerce site is fairly new and they have no experience in outsourcing.

The Solution

Eastvantage, having handled e-commerce clients as early as the e-commerce world was established, helped set up a team for the client. They now have e-commerce data entry specialists that meticulously list products, optimize images, and create on-point descriptions for each service, representing the brand well. They are now expanding into outbound sales as well.

Strengthening e-commerce in line with client's business expansion