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This Belgium-based online container trading platform facilitates transport for companies involved in the import, export and transport business. Eastvantage performs complex system upgrades to maintain this sophisticated platform and guarantee a system that constantly improves communication and cooperation with shipping companies and agents worldwide. 

The Requirement / The Challenge

• To redesign the current PHP environment into a performing application

• To update the platform by interconnecting three systems (Drupal, PHP, and Python/Django)

• To improve the overall front end aesthetics, unregistered users’ page, registration and API admin

• Project set-up and deployment to Linux server

• To add order API and documentation

The Solution

• A strong backend

• A versatile content management system

• An API interconnectivity with multiple vendor platforms




• Django

• Tastypie


• Drupal


• Python

Company Name
Online container trading platform based in Belgium

A Belgian online container transport platform rides on with Eastvantage